Younes Henni

Physicist, Hacker, Entrepreneur. Transforming his ideas into real-world products using technologies such as React Native, AWS, and serverless. Loves sharing his knowledge with the community on Medium and Github.


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Picture sharing app with Expo, React Native, Apollo GraphQL, and AWS Amplify

Plush is a full-stack mobile application for pictures sharing. It uses Expo and React Native for the front end, AWS Amplify as the back-end service, and the API service is built with GraphQL.

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React Native Authentication App

Mobile user authentication flow with React Native, Expo, and AWS Amplify: Sign In, Sign Up, Confirm Sign Up, Forget Password, Reset Password.

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Serverless Tweeting app with React Native and AWS Amplify (Part 1)

This app will demonstrate how to provide full user authentication workflow and perform CRUD operations from our front-end to our cloud back-end using the Amplify services: auth and api.