Prashanth HN

Entrepreneur building his startup with #react #serverless and tries to do everything serverless! AWS Community Leader @ AWS User Group, Bengaluru. Loves cycling, both outdoor & on Zwift!


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Beginner Guide - How to add Amplify backend to your React project with ease!

Aim of this project is to teach absolute beginners on how to add Amplify backend to their frontend project. This project is built with React and completely relies on local state for data. We convert this app step by step to store data on DynamoDB by calling REST APIs. We will also add authentication and learn how to store some user attributes in Cognito.

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Implementing OTP based Phone auth in Amazon Cognito using Custom Auth Flow & Amplify

Amazon Cognito provides authentication out of the box with support for most of the authentication methods. I wanted to have Phone & OTP based authentication for my app since it’s gaining lot of popularity in India.