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Getting Started with Aurora Serverless Data API

Learn how modern application developers can use the new Amazon Aurora Serverless Data API to create and connect to an Aurora Serverless Database. In this vid...

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Speech Recognition, Translation, and Text-to-Speech on iOS

End-to-end Solution for Speech Recognition, Text Translation, and Text-to-Speech for iOS using Amazon Translate and Amazon Polly as AWS Machine Learning managed services.

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Login with Amazon for iOS

This video provides a step-by-step guide to adding Login with Amazon identity provider to an iOS app and federating those identities with Amazon Cognito Federated Identity Pool

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Google Sign-In for iOS

This video provides a step-by-step guide to adding Google Sign-In to a brand new iOS app using AWS Amplify and Amazon Cognito

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Facebook for iOS

step-by-step walkthrough for implementing Facebook Login from a basic single view app. We will cloud-enable the app using AWS Amplify Framework and use Amazon Cognito Federated Identities to federate our Facebook Login

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Basic Authentication for iOS

Step-by-step walkthrough for addding basic authentication to any iOS app. We will cloud-enable this app using the AWS Amplify CLI and use the AWS Mobile SDK connecting our mobile users to sign-up and sign-in via username and password via Amazon Cognito User Pools