Michael Gustmann

Software Architect at TillerStack. Loves building web and mobile enterprise applications connected to cloud APIs with Angular and Typescript.


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AWS Amplify CLI, how to automatically add a user to a Cognito User Pool with a Lambda-Trigger

Want more granular control to manage your Cognito User Pools users with groups? We learn how to use CloudFormation to create groups in a Cognito UserPool and a Lambda trigger to add a user to a group, when the user signs up.

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Personal Growth with Git Flow and AWS Amplify Console - Part 3

Setting up a complete CI/CD pipeline is usually a non-trivial task, but since the introduction of Amplify Console it got cut down to a few minutes.

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AWS Amplify Auth & Angular RxJS Simple State Management

Take a look at how we can manage our authentication and user state in a very Angular-esque way without any state management libraries, like Redux, NGRX, apollo-link-state, MobX, Akita or NGXS

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Creating Angular UI components and connecting them to the GraphQL AppSync API - Part 2

In the second part of this series we are creating Angular UI-Components for our offline-ready Todo-App backed by a API (GraphQL) and Authentication.

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Getting started with a Angular/NX workspace backed by an AWS Amplify API (GraphQL)

We are creating an offline-ready Todo-App backed by a API (GraphQL) and Authentication.