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Multiple Authorization methods in a single GraphQL API with AWS AppSync

If you’re using GraphQL, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily define different authorization modes for you application data at the type, field or operation level directly in your schema instead of having a single global authorization mode for an API? What if you could have different types of authorization providers for different parts of your schema?

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GraphQL Serverless Real-Time Reference Architecture with AWS AppSync

Today we’re publishing our first AWS AppSync real-time reference architecture, with sample code that will make it easier to understand and apply best practices to your next collaborative real-time application development project. Deploy it to the Amplify Console with a single click.

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Create a Multiuser GraphQL CRUD (React) App with full-text search in 10 minutes with the new AWS Amplify CLI

In this tutorial, we will check how we can create a secure multiuser Note Taking App with full CRUD capabilities backed by a Serverless GraphQL API (powered by AWS AppSync) and by a Serverless NoSQL Database (powered by Amazon DynamoDB) in less than 10 minutes with full user isolation as each user can only access and edit their own content. Best of all, we only need 150 lines of code!

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Building a serverless real-time chat application with AWS AppSync

Today, we’re introducing ChatQL, which is a new Angular Progressive Web App (PWA) starter application. Built with AWS AppSync, it showcases how to create a real-time chat application. In this blog post, we present an overview of the application, and dive into AWS AppSync and the front-end implementation.