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iOS to MySQL — Part 1 [GraphQL API]

In this two-part article, Dennis will showcase the new built-in Data API feature for Aurora Severless MySQL Databases and connect into that Data API-enable database via a GraphQL API from an iOS native client.

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Building real-time offline-ready iOS apps with Swift, GraphQL & AWS AppSync

iOS Workshop: Learn how to build cloud-enabled native iOS Swift apps with AWS Amplify and connect your apps to a GraphQL API via AWS AppSync w/ Authentication

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Amazon Aurora Serverless Data API with AWS AppSync and Amplify

Lean how modern application developers can use the new Data API to create and connect to an Aurora Serverless Database

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Passwordless SMS Authentication Backend

In this article, we will walk through implementing the backend solution for a custom passwordless SMS authentication flow using Amazon Cognito.

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Two-Way SMS with Amazon Pinpoint

WLearn to implement two-way SMS messaging for a simple approach that results in higher levels of customer engagement.

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Using Amazon Rekognition to detect celebrities in an iOS app

A sample iOS Swift app that lets you snap a photo with your phone camera, and uses Amazon Rekognition to identify faces and celebrities in the picture, with links to additional information about the identified celebrity via IMDB

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Facebook Login Using AWS Amplify and Amazon Cognito

In this article, we are going to integrate Facebook Login into our iOS app.

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Integrate Analytics into your iOS Swift applications with AWS Amplify

In this article (1 of 3), I’ll walk you through collecting user demographics and app session activity to better understand customer platforms and behaviors.